Our Story

Let Heritage Construction be the first to welcome you home!

In 1984, Gamal Tawfik, president and CEO of Heritage Construction and Development, graduated with honors from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria University in Cairo, Egypt. During and after college he worked under some of the best engineers in Egypt and was involved in building hotels such as the Holiday Inn in Zamalek, a cement factory, multiple medical clinics, and a series of high-rise residential apartments. Mr. Tawfik later immigrated to the United States in 1984, earned his citizenship on September 27th, 1991, and continued to pursued his “American Dream.”

In 1988 Mr. Tawfik founded a building company, GT Communities, committed to one common goal: to fulfill every homeowner’s dream of owning their own quality affordable home. That goal expanded to create an integrated company which included land acquisition, community development, home construction, sales, and marketing. The results of the company speak for themselves.

In 2008, Mr. Tawfik sold GT Communities to Adams Homes In 2013, Mr. Tawfik opened Heritage Construction and Development with the same common goal as GT, the quality affordable home.

Mr. Tawfik’s building accomplishments include five consecutive years on the Top 20 Builders list in Atlanta as ranked by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, voted Metro South Builder of the Year by Greater Atlanta Homebuilders, and won numerous gold an silver professionalism awards for building excellence. Georgia Power named him GoodCents Builder of the Year for his emphasis on energy effective homes which he continues today through the EarthCents home certification. On top of Mr. Tawfik’s numerous awards and recognitions, he was also awarded the Professional Builder Designation by The National Housing Institute which is one of the highest honors achieved in the building industry.

Gamal Tawfik and Heritage Construction and Development remain focused on the original goal of building quality affordable homes, and as a result, there are thousands of satisfied homeowners throughout the southeast crescent of Atlanta and Florida. Since outstanding customer service and satisfaction has always been one of Mr. Tawfik’s top priorities, he was able to establish his homeowner service program which provides you, the buyer, with the satisfaction you expect during your experience of home ownership. From the homebuilding process, to your pre-closing walk through, to our workmanship materials and labor guarantee, Heritage Construction is there for you, our homeowners.

So, let us here at Heritage Construction and Development be the first to welcome you home.

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